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For those who are in love with equestrian sport, apart from practicing this sport, there is nothing better than talking about it with other adepts. And this forum is the platform you need. Not only you will find other lovers of horseback riding but also you can share experiences and express yourself freely on this sport that is your passion. There are several interests to be on and you will discover them very quickly by participating in all the discussions and subjects published there.

Horses in the spotlight

Talking about horses is as exciting as mounting them. Indeed, this forum puts the horse at the center of all conversations. First, participants can talk about their equestrian experiences, breeds of horses or they can also compare their stallions by describing them. Sharing is often very useful insofar as it will make you discover many things about the sport and the animal but above all it also allows you to take advice to improve the practice. But this also allows fprumists to spend time in virtual company of other riders to share his passion for this very specific sport. But the usefulness of the forum does not end there, you can also look for advice on accessories, on the sale of materials or prices etc. Having opinions on brands makes it possible to make choices about which accessories to take.

The advantages of the forum

Like any specialized discussion platform, allows you to express yourself freely. The subject of all conversations should however turn on the equestrian world and the passion of horses. Each participant has the right to open a topic on a particular theme as many times as he or she wants. There is no subscription required, just log in with an email address and open a conversation at any time of the day. You are also free to choose your pseudonym for the connection. All the dialogs will be kept for an unlimited duration on the platform that you can consult later., for even more passion.

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