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How many time can you keep a saddle ?

Riding is an outdoor activity that can be practiced as a hobby or as a sport. Indeed, it brings many benefits for the body as for the mind. It will strengthen your muscle tone. It will also be a moment of relaxation for your mind. However, a time should be respected for a horse ride. You must also have the right moves and tools to enjoy.

The life of a saddle

A saddle is the equipment that puts the rider in contact with his horse. It will be placed on the back of the horse where the rider will also be installed. With good maintenance, this material can last for years. Some people use the same saddle for thirty years. It will then check every day after each use to know the state of wear. You can evaluate it when cleaning your saddle. Depending on the product purchased, the duration may also change. Indeed, it must be adapted to the morphology of your horse and yours. . You can find these products by visiting this site This will prevent you from distorting the saddle during the climb. You can enjoy this pleasant moment of relaxation. You will only have to perfect your gestures.

Mounted on horseback

To fully enjoy a ride on horseback, you must have the right posture. This will allow you to enjoy comfort during all my trip. You must then apply the right gestures. Above all, you must install your equipment. The preparation also involves the step of dressing your horse. It consists of cleaning it well: foot, etc. It will also be a privileged moment that will allow you to know him better. It will then be necessary to saddle the horse with the different materials. They must be well established since you will use them during the climb on horseback to be in balance and communicate with him. You must be very relaxed. The horse will listen to each of your movements. Bust, hip, shoulder, wrist, leg, etc. must follow the right angles, be released, etc. However, your actions must be adapted to the evolution of the course by guiding your horse well.

Horse riding forum

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