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Initially, Native Americans do not usually use saddles. Men often ride their horses for hunting and war. But the beautiful chairs made by women, they, a few years later, are for her beautiful buttocks.

A good saddle in the hands of a craftsman

To make you feel more comfortable with your horse and have a fantastic day riding your faithful friend. In the world of horse riding, there are many kinds of saddles depending on the activity you are going to do. Since each chair will have special features. Throughout history, horse saddles have evolved to adapt to the equestrian specialties they had to perform.

Saddle and its design

The saddle has been specially designed to bring safety and comfort to the rider after long hours of riding. For a beginner jumper, the Western saddle may give the impression that the horn is designed to provide a safer seat. By doing a timely maintenance, we can keep it for a long time. The frequency of this cleaning will depend on the use and the place where it is stored. See here for leatherette care tips because they need a lot more attention. Even restored, the saddle remains a communication phase between the rider and the horse, so yes it has its importance in this area.

The manufacture of a saddle is point by point

A company that applies to handling leather has teams that have been trained in the field. With attention to detail, the craftsmen are well organized, and each element has its place. It takes delicacy and this good way to prepare the leather. We invest about ten days to make a saddle and it is normal that the price is quite high, then we have the accessories such as the frame and sewing, etc., for at least two days at least.

You see that a saddle requires time of manufacture and much more for worn saddles, because each corner must be well checked to have a perfect saddle.

Horse riding forum

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