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You have finally decided to commit to getting a horse and having a horse riding lesson program. You have your stable and a horse. But that is not all that you will be needing. For old-timers, this is a walk in the park, but for beginners, it can be quite dreading. So we are listing them down for you.

Let us start to get you all geared up for your first horseback riding lesson. Below is a checklist of what you need:

  • A knowledgeable and experienced trainer - someone you can connect with and trust.
  • Paddock boots - short basic ones that you can quickly put on and off.
  • Half chaps - give your paddock boots the look of a tall boot, and they are a lot easier to deal with.
  • ASTM riding helmet - safety first this the most essential gear to acquire.
  • Breeches - wear these ones instead of jeans to help you familiarize the feel of being in a saddle.
  • Riding Gloves - to protect your hands and keep you warm on a cold day.
  • Comfy Riding Shirt - the ones that have a stretch and easy to move with.

The items listed above are easy to acquire and not too expensive. You are all geared up. So let's list down the equipment that your horse needs:

  • Saddle w/ girth or cinch
  • Saddle pad
  • Harness with bridle
  • Horse float or trailer (for transportation)

Unlike the items you will be wearing your horse equipment is pricey. Don't worry, not all of it needs to be brand new. Also, there are great deals that you can take advantage of in an online tack shop called Equitack. They only provide high-quality equipment at a low price. They also have a 14day trial for used saddles perfect for beginners and get the best deals for the other equipment that you need. Convenient and hassle-free since you can go online to do your shopping.

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